5: Designing for Ease in Sunrush

My friend Zach Dugger is developing the strategy board game Sun Rush ( http://sunrush.rocks ).

The board has 11 removable rows that get cycled as play proceeds. It would be cheaper to not have removable rows and instead move each piece on each tile 1 by 1 down the row, cycling the bottom row up to the top. This would take a lot of cognitive work to track though - missing 1 piece would cause a huge upset in the board situation. It also requires a lot of physical movement + time to move the pieces.

So ultimately I think having a more expensive board situation that makes it faster and easier for th eplayers is better.

This is an important lesson to remember when focusing on minimalism. I've played Chess on a magnetic set where all pieces were small round circles. You had to differentiate by the 2D shape what piece was what. Having 3D pieces is more resource intensive but makes playing the game immensely easier.

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