7: Unholy Memory

Inspired from http://www.roguelikeradio.com/2017/10/episode-140-horror.html

Cthulu style horror roguelike:

You have 8 ability slots. Each one starts filled a useful ability like

Slash: Removes limbs from target, or cuts vegetation

You see monsters as a total mess, their %hdaBHak changing each turn to illustrate a different feature (or maybe show as a different creature you recognize?). If you get lucky and say, B is showing and B means limbs or has limbs, you can use your slash.

However you could also Sacrifice your Memory, LOSING the Slash ability.. and now you can permenantly recognize that creature as a symbol.. unfortunately you can't Slash its limbs anymore because you have to hold its grotesque memory in your mind. The risk-reward comes from responding to seeing what the creature is and using your knowledge to avoid it (or use other Skills effectively).

At certain points in the game you could shed your Unholy Memory to restore a Skill.

Which Skill slot would be sacrificed rotates, incrementing by 1 everytime you move or pause. An "Attention" slot would highlight to show what your Attention was wandering to and what could be sacrificed.

This fits the theme of "overwhelming otherworldly terror that causes suffering just to conceive of it" in Cthulu theme stories while maintaining the strategy of roguelikes.

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