9. Not enough space for your ad

Got a strange error

 W/Ads: Not enough space to show ad. Needs 411x49 dp, but only has 411x49 dp.


I emailed Google Android support forum. They told me "Our example works, so you screwed up your project".
So I ran their example and yes it's working. Porting Zap code over to their project. 
Deltas? tools:ignore="MergeRootFrame" is on. The ad overlays the GameView now. 
I haven't tried seperating them yet -- I'm just glad to see this work and porting the code over.
EthereumCanvas.com beat me to it. But their code references localhost... and there are other issues. 
I'm still learning DAPP development and have several concepts to implement. A canvas was just the simplest one.
I hope I can get a few out before the curve surpasses me.

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