2: Saving Tiles in Carcasonne, Lanterns, Element

I liked the few games of Carcasonne I played a lot - long term strategy, gambits that can be interrupted by other players, a lot of quick math made for a compelling experience. 
I didn't enjoy the lack of decision making when it *wasn't* my turn - without a new tile to place, I was up to the whims of the other players + what I drew. I want to try Carcasonne where I keep a tile or two in my hand and after playing one, draw one.

I tried this in 1v1 Element and it worked ok. Air tiles were often kept because of their mobility but a few times water was saved in the hope of a multi-stage water attack. Overall we both agreed it didn't hurt the game.

Lanterns: I've only played one game and another player & I both agreed that it felt "turn by turn" without much of a long term strategy. Keeping tiles in your hand could let you strategize to get higher point totals.

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