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Combo Rockets

Combo + Rockets 2P Physics Arcade Versus Game · By quantumproductions


Recent updates

Combo Rockets V4
V4 is out. * Removed rotation while stunned and removed ability to influence vector while stunned. * Instead, player maintains ability to control where they aim...
3 files
Lighter Background
Lighter background for better contrast with the game. Enjoy!
3 files
Left Handed Support
You can play with the right control stick then D-pad to fire, L1 on the Xbox360 to fire locked on.
3 files
Gamepad Interpolation Improved
Gamepad interpolation improved thanks to Technical & a helpful Tigsourcer. Controls are smoother.
3 files
Contrails + Hold direction to bounce when hit by rocket
* Increased rocket contrail * Distinct border around ships to distinguish between ships + rockets * Removed red grid background so contrails stand out more * In...
3 files
Graphics + Gameplay Updated
New graphics with particle effects on explosions, subtler health bars Big Rockets by tapping shoot L1 or R1 (or 2 face buttons) to stay locked on to enemy New s...
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