A downloadable game

1 Player
10-30 minutes
1 52 Card Deck

Remove Aces, Kings. Shuffle Deck.
Deal cards to a 3x3 grid. If dealing a card would make it the 2nd ♣ in that row or column, discard it instead and retry with the next card from the shuffled deck.

After dealing, reshuffle Aces & Kings back into the Deck.

Each turn you draw a card from the Deck.
You slide it onto the grid by pushing at the edge of a row or column. Your new card can only slide on if the old card leaving the 3x3 grid matches these rules:
♦ off: Any card can slide on.
♥ off: Higher ♦♥♣♠ slides on.
♣ off: Higher ♣♥, any ♠ slides on.
♠ off: same rank ♦♥♣, lower ♣ slides on.

Aces always slide on.
Jokers sabotage your Court.
When a Joker is drawn, discard the middle card and place the Joker in its place. Draw a new card.
Jokers can always slide off

You win with 3 cards of the same rank aligned.
You score points based on the rank of the matching card.
A: 1
2-10: (2-10)
J: 250
Q: 500
K: 1000

You score a bonus for each card in your discard.

Your cumulative score across the most recent 10 games is your total score.

If you ever run out of cards in the Deck or are unable to make a move, you bust and lose. Your total score resets.

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