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Recent updates

Quick Restart Crash Fix
Fixing a crash when Quick Restart is enabled & Show Instructions is disabled
4 files
Aftermath Modes
Solo Aftermath + Coop Aftermath can be unlocked by beating the Solo or Coop Onslaught, respectively. Fixed bug where gamepad input would not toggle Full screen...
3 files
Pause screen bugfix!
Found a bug with the pausescreen + gamepad after unpausing. Fixed in latest builds!
2 files
Live on Steam!
And with a Settings update: * Keyboard can now shoot with Space, Z or Shift * Fixed keyboard rapid scroll when controller was plugged in * Settings menu for dis...
2 files
Coming to Steam Soon!
Coming to Steam soon! I will add Steam keys to the itch page here.
1 file
2 Player Versus Mode
2 Player Versus mode is in! Take turns against the clones - first one to get hit, loses! Shoot a lot this round to survive and hope your opponent gets wiped out...
3 files
Coop Update
When both players get hit, clones are only removed if there are more than 2. If there are only 2 clones left (your first copies), they stay.
3 files
Reload highscores when quitting to title
New build on [url][/url] loads highscores each time the title screen loads, so playing and setting a highscore then quitting to Title you...
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