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Recent updates

Mouse + Coop Updates
New bullet mechanic in Coop Shuffle Mouse support for Solo (Just move and click to use) Delay Pause menu opening top prevent accidental scroll to exit game
4 files
Bullet Collision Optimizations
Bullet Collision Optimizations Fixed Highscore typo for new mode
4 files
New Weapon!
I redid the MoonCutter weapon. Instead of delaying then zooming forward, it oscillates vertically. Much stronger than the previous 2 iterations.
4 files
New Modes!
New Shuffle Modes - Freeze bullets by shooting. Buffed MoonCutter weapon. Reduced Deadline initial rush from getting hit.
4 files
Quick Restart Crash Fix
Fixing a crash when Quick Restart is enabled & Show Instructions is disabled
4 files
Aftermath Modes
Solo Aftermath + Coop Aftermath can be unlocked by beating the Solo or Coop Onslaught, respectively. Fixed bug where gamepad input would not toggle Full screen...
3 files
Pause screen bugfix!
Found a bug with the pausescreen + gamepad after unpausing. Fixed in latest builds!
2 files
Live on Steam!
And with a Settings update: * Keyboard can now shoot with Space, Z or Shift * Fixed keyboard rapid scroll when controller was plugged in * Settings menu for dis...
2 files

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