Coop Mode!

* Coop tested this week, friends found it a lot of fun. "I'm glad

you didn't let this project stagnate". There was plenty of excited
shouting while playing which made me smile.

* Clones in Coop spawn a little differently. To prevent 1 player from doing all the work
and getting free stationary clones, the more bullets you shoot the
higher % a clone will be of you. This is checked twice for each clone
spawned. If 2 clones spawn for 1 player they will never move in the same
direction - 1 will have their X axis reversed from the start. This
keeps movement patterns interesting.

* Getting hit in Coop makes you drop out of the round but your teammate still stays in. If they win,
you come back. If they get hit, they go out and you come back. The
deadline always speeds up when both players are out.

* Clones only turn red in the Aftermath mode (hard difficulty). Red clones aim at the player who's clone they are of.

*Coop highscores are working, yay. Highscores track Time & Skill
(your best kill streak + a bonus for each level cleared) for Solo &

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