Big Update!

Big update!

"There's no such thing as a core mechanic. If it doesn't work, throw it out" - a board game podcast

Previously, getting killed meant restarting the whole game. I wanted players to feel the challenge of overcoming the whole game.

But some negative feedback has come in regarding "Why did I go back to the start, I wanted to keep the weapon I had.." and similar.

I retried an earlier experiment - getting killed removes an enemy clone and lets you retry. Works out very well.

To prevent you from getting stuck too much - and to have a failure state for losing too much - the deadline will now reset the entire game if it hits you (just like it did before).

Once you finish all of the weapons, you get to the bonus mode. Losing from bullet or deadline there takes you to the ending sequence, and then the game restarts with the difficulty turned up by increasing the number of clones per wave.

The gameplay feels *a lot* smoother. When I got to a challenging set of patterns or a difficult weapon, I got to retry over and over until I figured it out. But since with each retry the pattern is changing.. you aren't memorizing but adapting.

Extra: Each time you are killed a counter increases by 1. The url at the bottom will change to show where _ is the number of tries you've taken so far. It's still a valid URL!

Extra: Update the bottom URL to show "New Games: " after you finish the bonus round.

Minor bug fix: your laser & ship colors in bonus mode did not always match your weapon, now fixed.

Bug fix: Enemies near the edge of the map were reversing their direction while they were over the edge.. but they could have moved over, tried to reverse, then gone further away and gotten stuck in a little loop that you couldn't hit because trying to do so would make you wrap horizontally to the other side (enemies don't wrap as a convenience to the player). I fixed this by moving the clone + or -1 pixel from the boundary that they passed. Runs better.

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