Difficulty Fix ;)

Played more, I didn't like how the Deadline rush worked.

I like that when you shoot the Deadline slows down. What's really happening is a
"rush" variable is set to +1 when not shooting, then the Deadline moves
an additional time on its tick.

When you get hit by a bullet, you get +10 to this rush, adding (10 the first hit, 20 next etc).

The problem is - if you keep shooting, the Deadline is only advancing one
at a time. After you get hit, a clone is subtracted. Which makes it
easier to kill more clones + buy time for the extra Rush to burn out.

This wasn't the feeling I was going for. It's frustrating getting stuck in a
loop on a level + it also feels a little cheap to get so many retries. I
don't mind a few respawns in an emergent fashion (deadline squish
instead of 3x stock) but I miss the intensity of the 1stock mode +
earlier implementations of Deadline pouncing.

I increased the  difficulty by making an extraRush variable, going up by 40 ticks each
time you're hit. When there's extra rush the Deadline gets 3 extra

It means you can still get hit, but only a few times.

Build uploaded: http://QuantumPilot.me


QuantumPilot-Linux.zip 113 MB
Aug 24, 2017
QuantumPilot-Mac.zip 110 MB
Aug 24, 2017
QuantumPilot-Win.zip 117 MB
Aug 24, 2017

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