Difficulty Fix

A little too easy, loops too easy on the 4th weapon which is where I think it should be very tricky, not "oh, no big deal that I got hit".

The last 2 builds have me playing with the most focus yet - I love it. Now that I can no longer cheese on the second level because clones don't go off to the side :lol: .

I like how clones form patterns and you have to time when you weave in to shoot and decide if you want to escape and hope you hit or commit to crossing their border and get more opportunities to hit.


QuantumPilot Linux 113 MB
Aug 29, 2017
QuantumPilot-Mac.zip 110 MB
Aug 29, 2017
QuantumPilot-Win.zip 117 MB
Aug 29, 2017

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