A downloadable game

* 2 Players     * 10-15 Minutes     * Abstract Strategy           * Simultaneous Action

* 1 Board
    * 40 Stone Pieces
          * 6 Rubble Hex Tokens
          * 1 Page Rulesheet

Each turn, both players commit their action in secret. They can either:
A) Place a Stone in an empty hex.
B) Slide one of their existing Stones in one of the 6 directions on the hex board.

Both player reveal their action simultaneously, reaching towards the board. Stone placements happen first, then Sliding.

If a Sliding Stone hits another Stone, the Sliding Stone stops and pushes the other Stone forward until it hits an existing Stone or off the map.
Pushing an enemy Stone off the map (in the center hole or off the outside) rewards the attacking player with a free Stone placement at the hex their Sliding Stone started the round at.

Players reaching to place a Stone in the same hex makes 1 Rubble Hex Token placed instead of the Stone.

2 Sliding Stones colliding are both removed from the board and 1 Rubble Hex Token placed at both hexes they collided at.

All 6 Rubble Hex Tokens being played is an alternate game end. Most stones wins, draw on tie.


Stone Slider.pdf 1 MB